Who connects my service for a new home?

In most cases Astrotec has installed the underground conduit from the property to the pit in the nature strip. We also install the fibre optic cable which should run into the garage where the NBN equipment is installed by one of our technicians. Upon completion you will need to arrange a connection through your retail service provider.

Can you install conduits and pits prior to having approved drawings?

Yes, there are no rules governing when you install pits and conduits, but in order to comply we strongly advise engaging Astrotec Communications at the inception of the project so that when the time comes for installation everything is approved and ready for construction.

What are the costs for design?

Design costs vary depending on the size and type of development. To receive a customised quote fill out our Application Form and upload the plans.

Can we use our designs that have been completed by consultants?

In some cases yes but it must comply to NBN / Telstra specifications. Most often the drawings completed by consultants do not meet the guidelines for G645 standards. We are happy to brief you o the requirements, review your drawing and advise accordingly.

What is the lead time on getting a design completed?

On small developments the design is often completed within two weeks. For larger developments such as multi-level construction we would require a lead time of at least four weeks.

What type of projects can Astrotec Communications tender for?

The core of Astrotec Communications is our ability to tender for all projects whether it’s hauling, splicing, jointing or civils. With a team that can deliver on any project big and small we can work through the requirements of any project with you to deliver the best outcome.

How long does it take to supply VC81 documents?

Generally a VC81 will take five business days once we have the required information.

What if I also need a Provisioning Letter from NBN or Telstra?

In any case we can assist. Just let our team know and they will advise on lead times. Be aware that they can take in excess of 12 weeks in some cases.

What do I need to provide to complete VC81 Compliance and Telecommunications Certification?

All we require is the site plans of the development and a current plan of sub-division. Once we have the required documentation Astrotec Communications will provide you with a fee proposal to complete. You can supply your details along with the documents via the Application Form.

When do I need to engage Astrotec?

As early as possible! We ask our clients to engage us at the inception of the project. This gives us plenty of time to make the relevant application to the service carrier on your behalf and ensure that the design work is completed prior to construction.

Can Astrotec complete the works required in the street?

Yes, Astrotec Communications are Telstra and NBN approved. In cases where there is network shortfall Astrotec will provide a quote to complete this part of the project. This is all outlined in the fee proposal at the start of the job and prior to engagement to ensure you understand what services you are paying for.

Does every new development require a design?

Yes, as part of the application made to Telstra or NBN there is a requirement to upload a formal design of the ‘planned pit and pipe infrastructure’ that is to be installed.

Can Astrotec assist with any development type?

Absolutely. 14 years experience has given Astrotec the ability to tackle any development small or large. Astrotec Communications provides underground communications to over 3000 new homes per year state-wide. We are a prime contractor for some of Victoria’s largest developments from multi level apartment development, warehousing, childcare, aged care, retail and special projects. Every project large or small will be delivered in a professional and cost effective manner. The Astrotec Group prides itself on having face to face relationships with our clients and providing a service that many others strive for.