All new developments require formal pit and pipe designs to be submitted to Telstra / NBN as part of the new development application. In all cases the drawings need to comply with G645:2017 standards.

Astrotec Communications are at the forefront of 3rd Party Pit and Pipe design due to our direct relationship with network carriers. We ensure that all design elements are covered and approved prior to construction. Our design team focus on the needs of the development and produce compliant designs that will ensure cost effective construction.

Our model is created to assist in any environment, and should it be just design we can provide you expertise and support to ensure the compliance of your drawings. Should you require design and construct simply fill out our Application Form and one of our consultants will be able to provide you with a scope and fee proposal for the required works.

Can you install conduits and pits prior to having approved drawings?

Yes, there are no rules governing when you install pits and conduits, but in order to comply we strongly advise engaging Astrotec Communications at the inception of the project so that when the time comes for installation everything is approved and ready for construction.

What are the costs for design?

Design costs vary depending on the size and type of development. To receive a customised quote fill out our Application Form and upload the plans.

Can we use our designs that have been completed by consultants?

In some cases yes but it must comply to NBN / Telstra specifications. Most often the drawings completed by consultants do not meet the guidelines for G645 standards. We are happy to brief you o the requirements, review your drawing and advise accordingly.

What is the lead time on getting a design completed?

On small developments the design is often completed within two weeks. For larger developments such as multi-level construction we would require a lead time of at least four weeks.

Does every new development require a design?

Yes, as part of the application made to Telstra or NBN there is a requirement to upload a formal design of the ‘planned pit and pipe infrastructure’ that is to be installed.